Ambassador Doodle brings information from lands near and far. She speaks of experiences from a pre-Katrina Mississippi, a land of forests and gulf waters, to the concrete jungle and thriving landscape of New York City, to the desert climate and socially confused region of Southern California. With this in mind, she continues to expand her knowledge while learning from those of other frontiers. Her duty is to bring news of goodwill to her assembly on the homeland.

The Ambassador’s quest began when scouring the pathways of Shanghai, China. Her mission was to share stories of adventure, education, concerns with the human race and tales of new friends. She continues to explore uncovered terrain and invites you to follow her on this journey…

Current Banner Photos:

(L) Guard at the entrance of the Forbidden City in Tiananmen Square РBeijing, China РNovember 2008

(C) Ambassador Doodle

(R) The Great Wall of China – Hebei, China – November 2008


  1. Hey Daradoodle, your new camera is awesome. Sounds like more fun staying in Shanghai! Love ya, Mom

  2. Hey Dara, this is Shu, who you met in Crystal Resort Hotel near Sun Moon Lake. I am looking forward to reading your words about the travel in Taiwan. xxx

  3. What color box am I gonna get today?

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