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And We’re Off!

These always look way bigger up close

The time had come for Gerald, Katie (H2O president and fundraising guru) and myself to take flight to Uganda. We departed Los Angeles on a sunny afternoon in June on an Emirates non-stop flight to Dubai. Emirates airline is owned by the Government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), so all international flights connect in this desert metropolis, situated on the Persian Gulf, before carrying on to final destinations. We were to stop in Dubai for a long layover, get on a connecting flight that would make a brief touchdown in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia then head on to our final destination, the capital of Uganda, Kampala. The total flight time would equate to a whopping 23 hours and 10 minutes. Read More…

International Certificate of Immunization

In preparation for traveling to Uganda, I need to get a few immunizations. This is standard procedure when traveling to developing countries to protect oneself.

I asked a friend who traveled to Uganda a few years back which shots he got and he did the whole kitten caboodle including Hepatitis, Menactra, Polio, Yellow Fever and Typhoid. Upon entry to the country, he doesn’t remember having to show proof of immunization. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website provides a list of recommended vaccines based on each area of the world traveling. The most stressed vaccine for Uganda is Yellow Fever.

Once the vaccine is administered, proof of immunization is given in form of a little yellow booklet approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) that lists all of your vaccines, dates administered and doctor’s signatures. My plan was to take all precautions to ensure not contracting a life threatening disease.

Now… where to start? Where to go? Who to call? Read More…

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The Ambassador’s Adventure Continues… to Africa!

I am very excited to announce that I will be embarking on yet another international journey next month.

I’ve never been to Africa and up until recently, I didn’t know much about the continent’s history. A spark of interest was ignited by my friend Gerald, who I met while studying at Fudan University in China last year. He will be doing the honors of being my host while I’m in his home country, Uganda.

But this trip is not just about pleasure. The sole purpose is to install safe water filtration systems in homes and school classrooms. I was fortunate enough to help Gerald start his non-profit organization, Helping2Overcome, or H2O, earlier this year. When you hear Gerald’s story, you’ll understand why I felt compelled to lend a helping hand.

Read More…

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Coachella 2010: Rolling 80,000 Deep

Sun sets on Coachella 2010

If you get in a car and drive two hours east of Los Angeles, you’ll find yourself in a desert. Why would anyone ever want to venture to the desert, you ask? For the Coachella Valley Music Festival, that’s why! Read More…

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Still Confused About ‘Who Dat’?

February 8th, 2010 edition of the New Orleans metropolitan area newspaper, The Times Picayune, sold more copies than any other published in its 173-year existence.

Every news organization reported on the New Orleans Saints massive Superbowl 2010 win as being uplifting, a feel good moment, a symbol of inspiration, a sign of hope and a gift to the people of New Orleans… I could not agree more. Read More…

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CNNGo – “Go native – Tibetan style – in Jiuzhaigou”


New CNN travel website, CNNGo, has finally launched! Read More…

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I Left My Heart In China

Jiuzhaigou National Park - Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Provience, China - July 2009

Jiuzhaigou National Park - Jiuzhaigou, Sichuan Province, China - July 2009

My year as a visiting scholar at Fudan University in China came to a somber end on July 24th 2009. The skies of Shanghai were gray and the humidity was being a champ by enhancing the smoldering summer temperature. The heat made lugging my three massive suitcases and three carry-on bags to the taxi that much more challenging. Thankfully, Jue and Alejandra were able to escort me to the car where I gave them both one heck of a final hug. Read More…

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Total Eclipse of the Heart

Slinging solar eclipse glasses at Raffles in People's Square

Slinging solar eclipse glasses at Raffles in People's Square

There was quite a bit of hype leading up to the solar eclipse that was to be the first of its kind in this part of the world in 500 years. I even bought an eclipse T-shirt from eno! Read More…

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Rainbow Flag Soars Over Shanghai

Gay Pride is a new concept for many in China

Gay Pride is a new concept for many in China

Out and proud was the sentiment at 294 Xinhua Lu in Shanghai, China on Saturday afternoon. Outdoor lounge and restaurant, Cotton’s, played host to Mainland China’s first ever gay pride celebration. Read More…

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To The Extreme


F1 fans in Shanghai

When I open up a newspaper, the last section I glance over is the sports. I didn’t know much about the popularity of sports in China until I got here. More specifically, when an editor from the Shanghai Daily dropped by one of my classes last semester and was asked by a student to list the top sports in China. She said… Read More…

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